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What Goes in A Parole Packet?

Texas Parole Package

While the specifics of parole vary slightly from state to state, as a general rule the following items should be enclosed in an Alabama parole packet or when applying for parole in Alabama:

Letters of Reference or Support Letters – these let the parole board know something about the person applying for parole other than just what is contained in their file, most of which is written by the prison officials or the District Attorney who is responsible for sending them to prison in the first place.

Pictures – These should be of the offender and, if possible, members of their family. The pictures tend to humanize the applicant. In addition, often the only picture the parole board has to look at is the “mug shot” taken when the prisoner first enters the system.

Letter from Offender – This is important and is one of the more difficult items to draft since it needs to be both sincere and professional, answering in detail many of the questions the parole board member may be asking themselves when reviewing the file.

Awards and Certificates – The purpose of these is to show that at least some of the time spent in prison was used for a worthy purpose.

Alabama paroles are regulated by the rules of that state; however many of the items and concepts are the same no matter what state it is. There is an eBook, How to Prepare a Texas Parole Presentation Package, available for purchase and download at, which provides examples of a parole packet which can be adapted to Alabama with a few changes. While a lot of the book deals specifically with Texas, the examples of the packet make it a good value for all of the states.

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