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Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell Leads Way in Restoring Ex-Cons’ Rights

In the first two years of his term Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has restored the voting rights of more than 2,500 ex-convicts.  That's more than half of all governors combined in the last twenty years.

During his campaign McDonnell promised to enact the fastest and fairest rights restoration program in Virginia history.  

"Approximately 95% of the people sent to prison will be getting out,"  McDonnell says, "We're a nation of second chances.  Everybody makes mistakes.  But if you want to fix your problem and be a productive citizen, we want to help."

McDonnell's office has approved 89% of nonviolent felon applications and 80% of violent felon applications.

Felons in 39 of 50 states and DC automatically regain their rights once they have completed their sentences, while in other states the offender must petition the governor or a board and two states do not disenfranchise people with criminal convictions.

McDonnell's goal is to have their rights automatically restored when prison sentence is complete.

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