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Tennessee Picks Aramark as Prison Food Provider

Tennessee's Department of Correction has selected Aramark as the new state-based food provider for their prisons.

The department awarded its food service contract to Aramark, a Philadelphia-based company that provides food to many large venues across the country. 

The move will end the department's relationship with the Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction which has provided food through its cook chill program.  An audition for the state Comptroller of the Treasury found many financial issues with the program most notably no formal contract.

The partnership begins October 1, 2016 when Aramark will serve quality, nourishing meals to the state's correctional institutions.

However, Aramark has its own problems when it comes to serving prisoners which include: 

  • Meal shortages
  • Maggots found in food
  • Inmates served cake chewed on by rodents
  • Aramark employees smuggling in drugs for prisoners
  • Aramark employees engaging in sex acts with prisoners
  • Aramark employee tried to pay one inmate to attack another inmate

Aramark was fined $98,000 by Michigan for problems, waived the fine and then refined $200,000 in 2014 when problems remained.

Aramark has been the leading food provider for prison systems for the past 40 years.

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