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NY Governor Pledges to Grant Voting Rights to Paroled Felons

In a speech on April 18, 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo pledged to grant voting rights to thousands of paroled felons arguing they had paid their debt to society and should be allowed to vote. Cuomo signed an executive order that provided conditional pardons to more than 35,000 felons who have completed their incarceration period but remain on parole to allow them to vote. Prior to this action, individuals convicted of a felony were not allowed to vote until the offender completed their prison sentence and parole period.  Convicted individuals who are on probation already more »

Federal Court Says Texas Inmates Exposed to Extreme Temperatures Violates 8th Amendment

A U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that allowing an inmate to be “exposed to extreme temperatures can constitute a violation of the Eighth Amendment.” The case was remanded back to the district court for a new trial.

Tough New Parole Bill Facing Criticism in Massachusetts

A tough new sentencing bill which prevents any prisoner convicted of more than two violent crimes from obtaining parole is making it’s way through the Massachusetts legislature this week.