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Puppies for Parolees in Missouri

Puppies for Parolees is a Missouri state-wide program in which puppies from local shelters are donated to prisons to be trained by offenders for future work as service dogs and as family pets. The statewide program began as an experiment 15 years ago when Vandalia's prison officials were asked if they would allow their inmates to train service dogs.  Although hesitant, the prison leadership agreed. The program had a profound impact on the inmates. Today, 19 of the 21 Missouri prisons participate and over 4,000 puppies have graduated from the program. A variety of more »

California Has New Approach to Parole Violations

In the past, violations of parole often meant a trip back to prison for a short stretch, 5 months or so,  then a release. However, there were often repeated violations before the return to prison and, in addition, during the short prison stretch the violations received no rehabilitation measures. However, under the new procedure currently being evaluated in the Sacramento area parole violators are being sent to the county jail for brief time periods every time they break a rule or test positive for drug use. The Silicon Valley Mercury more »