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parole violations


Massachusetts Ruling on Lifetime Community Parole Leads to Offenders Being Released

Massachusetts's highest court ruled this week that the state's lifetime community parole law violates the state constitution prompting hundreds of offenders to be released from custody within the last two weeks. The Supreme Judicial Court issued a decision on June 11, 2014 concluding that the statute creating lifetime community parole for sex offenders and certain other crimes violates the separation of powers between the executive and judicial branches of government by giving sentencing authority to an executive branch (the Parole Board).  The Court found that under the state constitution only more »

Types of Parole Violations

After making parole, which is tough enough with the current conservative bent of the country, a parolee has to be aware of the potential for a parole violation. In this entry we discuss the two type of parole violations which can result in parole revocation. The first type of parole violation is an “Administrative Violation”, also referred to as a “Technical Violations” or a “technical” for short. A technical violation occurs when someone has broken a rule or condition of their parole. This is usually something like changing their residence more »