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Missouri Reduces the Number of In-Person Parole Hearings

The Missouri House approved a measure to no longer allow inmates to object to video conferencing for parole hearings and discontinue the in-person interview for offenders. The bill passed with a 114-33 vote will save the state money. The House Bill 2499 is now in the Senate awaiting a vote.  

Judge Strikes Down Parole Revocation Provisions in California Law

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton struck down unconstitutional parts of California’s Victims’ Bill of Rights that governs parole revocation.

Do I Need A Parole Lawyer?

As sad as it is, the justice system is often like a game with one side making a move and the other side responding. Unfortunately, without a lawyer (or a good guide to parole packets like the one at this link, it's for Texas but the principles apply in every state) then you don't know the rules of the game and won't know what moves are being made behind the scenes. Prosecutors and police want the person to stay in prison as long as possible and in some cases will more »

Paroles and

This website is going to operate to provide information about the parole process across the United States, similar to what is being done for Texas at We hope the families and loved ones of people who are incarcerated will come here for information, to ask questions, and to look for solutions for them and their families. Feel free to drop us a line or join our mailing list. We will occasionally post tips on the parole process, how to prepare for a parole hearing, and other valuable insights. We more »