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Montana’s Executive Director of Pardons and Parole Resigns

Timothy Allred, executive direct of the Montana Board of Pardons and Parole resigned his post earlier this month. Allred was hired in late 2014 .  He replaced Fern Osler-Johnson, who retired.  Allred has taken a job with the state probation and parole division.   Greg Budd will act as Interim Executive Direct until a permanent replacement is hired.

Rhode Island Gets New Chair of Parole Board

Gov. Lincoln Chafee announced Tuesday that Laura Pisaturo of Warwick, Rhode Island has been appointed chair of the Rhode Island Parole Board.   The existing chair, Kenneth Walker, is resigning at the end of July. He has served on the board since 1979 and as chair since 2008. Pisaturo serves on the state Supreme Court Disciplinary Board and the Warwick Planning Board. She has also worked as director of the Rhode Island Children's Advocacy Center and as a prosecutor in the state attorney general's office.  

Update to Parole Condition X Situation in Texas

This is reprinted with permission from “As reported on last week, an Austin federal judge agreed with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals that the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole could not unilaterally impose sex offender conditions, known as Condition X, on parolees who were not convicted of a sex crime without first holding a due process hearing to establish that they were necessary. However, true to form, the Board (or at least some parole officers) were threatening parolees that if they didn’t waive their right to a hearing more »

Types of Parole Violations

After making parole, which is tough enough with the current conservative bent of the country, a parolee has to be aware of the potential for a parole violation. In this entry we discuss the two type of parole violations which can result in parole revocation. The first type of parole violation is an “Administrative Violation”, also referred to as a “Technical Violations” or a “technical” for short. A technical violation occurs when someone has broken a rule or condition of their parole. This is usually something like changing their residence more »

Politicians Using Fear and Lies to Push Parole Bill

As we discussed in an earlier post, politicians are using the unfortunate case of Jaycee Lee Dugard to be seen as favoring a bill restricting parole and what can be considered when parole is determined. In reality, what they are pushing is less the bill than their ambitions. While the merits of the bill, both pro and con,  can certainly be debated, the public should at least have all of the facts available before making up their minds and not just the “spin” of politicians, be they DAs, legislators, or more »