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Kentucky Officials Expediting Release of Paroled Inmates

Kentucky Department of Corrections announced it is implementing an emergency regulation to expedite the release of certain offenders who have already been approved for parole in order to ease overcrowding at state and local correctional facilities. 

Parole Reform in Louisiana – House Bill 543 is Now Law

  On June 4, 2012, House Bill 543 was signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal.  This new law is the first step in alleviating the overcrowding and over-sentencing in Louisiana's prisons. Louisiana has the highest rate of incarceration in the world.  The United States has an average incarceration rate of 730 inmates per 100,000 people.  Compare that with 62 in Afghanistan, 122 in China, and 525 in Russia.  Louisiana's numbers are more than double the U.S. average with 1619 prisoners per 100,000 residents. House Bill 543 grants parole eligibility more »

Tough New Parole Bill Facing Criticism in Massachusetts

A tough new sentencing bill which prevents any prisoner convicted of more than two violent crimes from obtaining parole is making it’s way through the Massachusetts legislature this week.