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Michigan parole


New Bill Requires Prosecutors to be Notified of Parolee Release

A law signed by the Governor on October 4, 2011, now requires that written notice of a parolee’s release date be sent to the Prosecuting Attorneys for both the county in which the crime occurred and the county to where the parolee will be released. While the stated reason for the change in the law is that it will help protect communities by notifying the prosecutors we at question the motivation and would bet that you will quickly see politics being injected into the process and the DA starting more »

Federal Court Says Michigan Prisoners Have No Constitutional Right to Parole

In a 2-1 decision, a Federal appeals court has ruled that Lucius Crump, the Appellant in the case, did not have a constitutionally protected right to parole in Michigan. Mr. Crump was originally convicted of “sex and drug crimes” and was denied parole in 2008 even though he had been classified as having a “high probability of release”.  The denial came after the parole board conducted an interview with Mr. Crump. The appeals court said that a probability of parole doesn’t rise to the level of a certainty and therefore more »