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California Inmates Can Reduce Sentence with Certifications

California regulators have given initial approval for new guidelines allowing inmates to reduce their sentences for completing a high school diploma, college degree, work skills certification, or self-help programs.

California Expands Parole for Elderly and Medically Frail

California Board of Parole Hearings released publicly details of a program designed to give early release of elderly and frail prisoners who meet the new criteria for parole. Earlier this year, a panel of federal judges required the state to reduce prison crowing to a more  acceptable level. The state of California is ready to begin the early release of elderly and frail prisoners who meet new criteria for parole. Hearings will begin starting with inmates who are over 60 years of age and have spent at least 25 years more »

Judge Strikes Down Parole Revocation Provisions in California Law

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton struck down unconstitutional parts of California’s Victims’ Bill of Rights that governs parole revocation.