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New South Dakota Law Allows for Compassionate Parole

A new law passed in South Dakota will allow the possibility of elderly and severely ill inmates to receive “compassionate parole”.

The new law which takes effect July 1, 2018, allows for inmates 65-year-old and older, severely ill, and have served at least ten years in prison (or 70 years old and at least 30 years in prison) to be eligible for release. 

South Dakota authorities believe there is a potential for the state to save money when elderly, ill inmates are released. Laurie Feiler, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Corrections states it is expensive to care for the severely ill patients.  The burden is on the prison staff to transport inmates to their doctor appointments.

One of the conditions of compassionate parole is the ex-offender must be able to finance their own health care.  That could be Medicare, Medicaid,  VA services, or through a private health care plan.


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