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Nearly Half of All Nebraska Inmates Released With No Parole

A special investigative committee is concerned about a report that nearly half of the individuals released from prison are discharged rather than paroled with supervision.

Lincoln Senator Colby Cash is concerned that almost half of the inmates are released with no support system in place to help them through the transition period. Cash stated, "They're getting their 100 bucks jam money and walking right into my community."

The term jam refers to mandatory discharge because an inmate has completed their entire sentence.

According to the Nebraska Board of Parole, 257 inmates were discharged from prison without supervision between October 1 and December 31, 2015.

Omaha Senator Heath Mello says the numbers are unacceptable, "It puts public safety at risk." 

Officials would like to see inmates released on parole with supervision and not mandatory discharges which leaves the individual unsupervised. The parole board would like for every inmate to have the opportunity to transition into the community with help.  

An investigation is ongoing into what should be done to improve the transition process.

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