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Louisiana Pardons and Paroles

Unlike most other states, Louisiana has two completely separate board to handle the issues of pardons and paroles.

Although the two are often confused, there is a considerable difference between a pardon and a parole.

A pardon is granted by the Governor of the state, and means that the conviction will no longer be considered a conviction for any purpose. They are rarely granted and highly sought and many attorneys believe they are often as more about politics than justice.  The website for the Louisiana Board of Pardons is at and provides contact information  as well as other pertinent information to someone seeking a Louisiana pardon.

A parole in Louisiana is where a person is seeking to be released early from prison.  The Board of Parole website is at  , a different page on the same website as the Board of Pardonsm which also leads to confusion.

There is not a lot of information on the Board of Parole website, unfortunately, to assist in securing a Louisiana parole and since there is not a lot of information available, a Louisiana parole attorney is a wise investment. Louisiana parole lawyers assist the inmate and the family in obtaining and providing information to the Louisiana Parole Board which allows them to see that the inmate is something more than just another number or case, hopefully making their stay in the Louisiana prison system shorter.

2 Comments to Louisiana Pardons and Paroles

  1. Russell A. Briley says:

    How many pardons have been issued by the board this administration?

    • admin says:

      According to the latest statics from 2015 and 2016 combined, there were 1,247 applications received for clemency.  Of the 1,247 cases, 456 were reviewed by the board, 112 were commuted and 73 were given an executive pardon.