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Louisiana House Veto Voting Rights for Felons on Probation and Parole

Louisiana lawmakers prevented efforts to restore voting rights to some convicted felons on probation or parole.

Louisiana’s 1974 constitution allows the suspension of voting rights for people who are “under an order of imprisonment” for a felony.

People on probation or parole for a felony are included in this definition.  A proposal from Rep. Patricia Smith would have changed that rules to allow someone on probation or parole for a felony to register to vote after being out of prison for five years but the proposal failed to pass.  

Similar proposals died in the previous years.

Current law states that voting rights can be restored only after a conviction felon has completed his or her sentence including probation or parole.

To restore voting rights after a felony conviction, the person must appear in person at the registrar of voters office, complete a voter registration application, present either a Louisiana driver’s license or Louisiana special identification card, and provide documentation to prove that all confinement, probation, and parole have been completed.

Individuals seeking additional information about voting in Louisiana can contact the Louisiana Secretary of State at 1-225-922-2880.




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