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Illinois Parole Board Member, Eric Gregg, Fired

Illinois Parole Board member, Eric Gregg, was fired from his position.

The former Chairman of the Parole Board and former mayor of Harrisburg after investigators looked into reports that Gregg falsely listed outside income on his name and under reported his income on his 2011 bankruptcy filing in federal court in Benton. Gregg says the name issue was an error and it should have been in his wife’s name. Mrs. Gregg did not file for bankruptcy.  The investigation shows that Gregg under reported $48,000 in income.

Gob. Rauner says it is too late to correct the record saying the bankruptcy filings have already been approved.  This makes Gregg guilty of violating federal and state laws.

State law restricts members of the parole board from having any outside employment, and are also required to report any gifts or monetary donations they receive.

General counsel to the Gov. Rauner wrote, “Mr. Gregg either knowingly signed a false statement in violation of one or more federal laws… or he signed a federal bankruptcy document under penalty of perjury without reviewing it.”  Either way it is “malfeasance or complete incompetence and neglect of duty.”

Gregg is now considering legal action against the state.


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