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Do I Need A Parole Lawyer?

As sad as it is, the justice system is often like a game with one side making a move and the other side responding. Unfortunately, without a lawyer (or a good guide to parole packets like the one at this link, it's for Texas but the principles apply in every state) then you don't know the rules of the game and won't know what moves are being made behind the scenes.

Prosecutors and police want the person to stay in prison as long as possible and in some cases will send letters, make calls, and do anything else they can to stop a person from making parole. However, by using a good parole lawyer you have someone working on your side that is making sure that for each bad thing that is in the file, there are one or more good things to offset that.

A parole lawyer isn't always an option for everyone because they are expensive and with the economy the way it is, sometimes a family member or friend taking the time to put together their own parole packet for the prisoner is better than nothing, but if you can afford it, hiring a parole attorney is a good idea. As far as picking one, we would, of course,like for you to consider using one of those that support this website and advertise on it.

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